Things we agree on:

- People don't fail diets, they aren't designed to be won.

- If a person is happy and comfortable at any weight, that's their absolute right to live in a way that feels good to them.

- Fat stigma causes horrible damage to people's lives.

Where we diverge:

- Diet companies are a symptom of a problem, not the fundamental issue. The main issue is an obesogenic food supply and no place to move.

- Most people aren't comfortable with excess weight and telling them to just accept it isn't working (I use the diet industry's sales and growth as the metric).

- If 'being fat isn't a problem to solve' then we don't get to hold companies to task for constantly devising food designed to be compulsively over-consumed. That's causing real damage, how do we adress that?

I get the push to accept marginalized bodies and acknowledge that in my piece. It's important we equalize fairness.

It's equally important that we address the factors that are causing difficulty in people's lives so that they can be spared rushing to buy another diet and still live in a body that suits them.

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